God. She’s Black. I Have Receipts.

I met God. She's Black. I have holy receipts. Lord, reveal in me that which is being unleashed? What door, hidden in the grass like this key waiting to be found, are You calling me to walk through?


My shallow breathing is evidence of lack of trust in God. When we breathe in a shallow way, the body remains in a cyclical state of stress—our stress causing shallow breathing and our shallow breathing causing stress.

Old Year’s Night-This Year, There Will Be Fire

Having finally begun understanding whom I was in God, I began changing. Eviscerated, ground to fine dust, demolished beyond recognition, with nothing more than the salt from my own tears, I shed like an old skin the shards of what was. There was no more of me. And in the absence, after so many years, there was finally room for God. It was the time of my EVOLUTION. Evolution, however, was not the end of the story. The rest of the story will be told in the revelation of my 2019 One Word.

A Catholic and a Baptist Walk into an Episcopal Church…

Regret.  Should. Sometimes I believe the best way to articulate the power of relationship is to begin by defining all the expectations that it should never work. (side note, in addition to the “regret” I assiduously avoid, add “should.”) I describe my two best friends as the sisters I chose for myself; I know, God …

…just a narrative about my weekend (a guest post by M.K. Newton Wilson)

Time for mama to brag. My son, an emerging writer, has graciously offered to spend time working on his craft in my spot; Mama couldn't be prouder. I'm pleased to offer this first essay, a narrative on discovery. certain things occurred within me In all honesty, this is really just a narrative about my weekend, …