Thursday Confessional

When... ...the pain of staying where you are is worse than moving to someplace new, temporally, literally, can feel hear the committee that meets in your head gathering for a meeting AND you no longer can be frustrated in the moment and choose to actively let that frustration actively choose joy, even …

Thursday Confessional

Joy. 1. I am reading Lamentations to better understand it. 2. My gratitude study is over. My pursuit is not. 3. This week I learned that confrontation can be a bridge. The damage we do ourselves is worse than trusting the process. This lesson I will remember. 4. I am learning personal restorative justice. 5. …

Thursday Confessional

1. My father liked his coffee the same color as my mom. Wow. 2. Sometimes getting away from it all is difficult. That doesn't mean it's not necessary. Pencil yourself in. 3. There is always time to pause. 4. Wise warriors prepare for battle. We stay ready. 5. I had to grow up to appreciate …

Thursday Confessional-Exhale

I've undertaken a daily gratitude practice, stopping to write 3 things for which I am grateful. A friend. She called it wholly transformative. She's right. Exhale all that weighs you down, and give thanks.

I Do Church Differently Than My Ancestors Did

I don’t proselytize, I do not boldly declare, I just am. I live a life, wide open, fully committed to the Gospel as I understand it. It is natural. I am filled with a holy boldness, and a little bit dangerous, but only in the most beautiful and sacred way.