I am NOT afraid to fight with God…and you shouldn’t be either.

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalms 27:13 (NASB) I fight with God. In the words of my Pastor "yeah, that's how you roll." People who know me well get that, but my faith walk, on the razor's edge, …

“…And They Shall Never Anguish Again.”

First week of the New Year, and I feel ready. Grounded, anchored. This is my year of the edit; listening more, adjusting readily, hearing and heeding...This year, I commit to focusing more on the work of others, finding a companionable rhythm, no longer needing to drive the narrative or set the pace, but rather listening to the quiet place where I may and should conjoin.

My Baby Has Reached Double-Digits (How a Puppy Changed my Life)

My Dog is So Awesome I Wrote a Book About Him It started out as a dare, but I took it. Since 2014 when I finally published the book, I've continued to appreciate that God sent you into our lives, furry little angel. In loving you, I am reminded of God's Grace. Every interaction is motivated by a deep and abiding love.

Needing to Learn Patience and Trust

This morning, I read a Chinese proverb that reminded me that "one joy scatters a hundred griefs."  My next thought was, "what can I do today to bring myself joy? I ask that question every morning. I will ask it, upon rising in gratitude, each morning for the balance of my days. I suggest you do the same.