My Divine Familiar

He shepherded me out of a broken career and into the light of the writing-life I was born to live, so of course, many of my best stories were about him.

“…And They Shall Never Anguish Again.”

First week of the New Year, and I feel ready. Grounded, anchored. This is my year of the edit; listening more, adjusting readily, hearing and heeding...This year, I commit to focusing more on the work of others, finding a companionable rhythm, no longer needing to drive the narrative or set the pace, but rather listening to the quiet place where I may and should conjoin.

Dancing With Myself

I seldom experience the anxiety that used to send me running, from the grocery store, out of my office, clawing at my clothes, gasping for fresh air. Oh, you didn't know that about me? Yeah, I'm that high functioning. "RESPECT. You Da MVP. Scratch That. You Are An Idiot"

My Baby Has Reached Double-Digits (How a Puppy Changed my Life)

My Dog is So Awesome I Wrote a Book About Him It started out as a dare, but I took it. Since 2014 when I finally published the book, I've continued to appreciate that God sent you into our lives, furry little angel. In loving you, I am reminded of God's Grace. Every interaction is motivated by a deep and abiding love.