#GentlyAngry-A Manifesto inspired by Romans 12:9-21

I believe in an Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent God, although the Perfect, Precise image I envision may not be yours. Nonetheless, my faith is Unceasing. Continual. Powerful. Undeniable. Even as I question it.

I am grateful to have arrived at myself.

I believe in love, and that it is a verb.

I declare that I am too much for some people. Those are NOT my people.

I affirm that I have found my SQUAD, that I love my SQUAD, and that I protect them fiercely. THOSE are my people.

I believe in extending hospitality, particularly to mean people; it convicts them.

I refuse to be overwhelmed by evil. Instead, I subvert it with Grace.

I aspire to bless and not curse ugly, but I do call it out.

I claim no wisdom; I claim its pursuit.

I also actively claim the pursuit of Joy. You should try it.

I aspire to live in Peace, but I ain’t no punk.

The Bible says, “never avenge yourselves, but leave room for the Wrath of God.” I say Karma/Justice/The Universe has GPS.

I encourage you never to mistake my quiet or my cool for anything, please. Draw conclusions at your peril. Often mistaken for a sleeping kitten, I can, when provoked rise to defense, a cobra coiled. Cobras are deadly.

I intend for everything I say, write, and do to be binary, by which I mean being considerate BOTH for what I convey AND how it is received.

I envision a world where each of us embraces the Perfect, Precise image of God that we are, naturally, at every given moment, even as each of us is in a continual state of becoming.

Finally, I do not believe in miracles. I rely upon them.

Welcome to my home, http://www.chelleawilson.com

I pray that you will like it here.

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