Riotous Roots

Whether you feel like it's a season where all things come together or one where everything is falling apart, trust that You are precisely where God placed you.

My Favorite Words Have Four Letters–OneWord 2022

Last year I wrote, "mine has been an evolution from retreat to advance," and in the words of the late Calvin Thorpe Sr., "I Meant That Thang." Let me make this clear: I No Longer Play Small. Where once I bowed my head, deferring to the needs and opinions of others, patiently making peace, waiting …

#31DaysofWatchingGodMove-Everyday I’m Hustling (warning-language)

I wake up every morning feeling fragile. I do not obsess over my mortality; rather, I am grateful to a larger extent each day the gift that my life, health, and strength are. I Do Not Take Life For Granted. Still, I stride boldly into each day, chin out. It's a farce, but it works. …

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