31 Days of Liminality

Restoring my Temple

I recently began running again, and I’m better at it than anticipated. After a year that tried to kill me, I committed to #sixmontsofrest. As it turns out, 6 months wasn’t enough, so I’ve committed to taking better long-term care of the body that I’m in, that I lovingly refer to as my temple.

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

In an article published last year entitled Why Do Women Hate their Bodies?, Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross claimed that 80% of American women are dissatisfied with their appearance. 10 million suffer with a variety of eating disorders.

This isn’t a new story. Two and a half years ago, I penned an ode to my body. In it, I confessed that I had to celebrate the body I was in, honoring it for faithful service, and committed to taking better care of her, bridging the gap between now and next. I love my body even as I strive for her continual improvement. My moment of looking back and looking forward? That is my liminal space.

This body has borne two babies, carried grief and sorrow, and has the capacity for more love than any heart should be able to hold.  Like many women my age, with time and responsibilities, my body and wellness got out of control.

Committed to doing better, I try to only eat real food, and enjoy life. Some day in the future, I look forward to being the glam-mother accompanying her grandbabies on their first competitive runs. 

An Ode to my Temple

You were my first and enduring gift. You are with me every moment. You have never failed me. Where I desire to go, you carry me. Upon rising, I sense your rhythms and we adjust, finding balance, grounding, easing into our beautiful natural pace; it happens without thought. You support me and I have neglected you. Without complaint, without resistance, you have accepted more than was necessary and this body is the result. While I love you as you are, we can and must do better. 

We can live in the present while envisioning a better future. I’m planning to rise with the sun and run tomorrow, giving thanks that I am able to do so. I represent the 20% of American women intent on changing the minds of the other 80.

Is my body perfect? Nope.

Do I love her anyway? Yep.

Can I do better? Working on it.

And you? What liminal space are you inhabiting today?

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