This is about to be a series. I have a number of things to be pissed-off about, but I’ll start here.

I have a friend who grew up in a fundamentalist community. She did every Godly thing, honored her parents, undertook a Christian  courtship, was married in the church and began a family.

As things sometimes do, the relationship did not last.

blue red and yellow chalk
Photo by Viktoria Goda on Pexels.com

When, after a long period of silence, she called to formally resign her membership,

  • the Pastor did not apologize for failing to seek her out,
  • the Pastor did not offer any comfort, prayer, or advice,
  • the Pastor agreed that her decision to leave was best, and bid her goodbye.

Where is compassion?

Where is the community of faith that surrounds the brokenhearted?

Where are the people who support the grieving? Losing a relationship is suffering loss. There is a need to grieve. Where? WHERE??


This is the precise reason so-called Christians have a credibility problem. The so-called “unchurched” know more about our professed beliefs than we do. It’s embarrassing, and I’m side-eyeing the ENTIRE GAHTDAMB mess.

I just needed you to know how I feel about this.

This concludes this rant of the #CrankyChristian. Technically, I’m calling myself a follower of Jesus lately; I ain’t even claimin’ most of y’all, Lord help us.

#TheBodyisBrokenandNOTLikeBread #bullshit

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