A Catholic and a Baptist Walk into an Episcopal Church…

Regret.  Should.

Sometimes I believe the best way to articulate the power of relationship is to begin by defining all the expectations that it should never work. (side note, in addition to the “regret” I assiduously avoid, add “should.”)

I describe my two best friends as the sisters I chose for myself; I know, God was in there. Stay with me.

Not Neighbors.

When in the Gospel according to Luke a seeker inquires, “Who is my neighbor?” a long-form dialogue begins and is on-going, about how we define those about whom we must show compassion. That’s a conversation for another day.

How is it that someone buys the house across the street and simultaneously saves your life? How is it that someone you haven’t know since the toddler years knows everything knowable about you that matters? How does God take the things you believe to be most established about you and rewire them in a way that convinces you that nothing else could possibly be so right?

Did you Miss the Bus/Train?

For more than 10 years, we’ve checked each others’ driveways, mailboxes, and family members. We’ve forgotten all the “end of the world” disasters we thought we’d never survive because of course, we did, side-by-side. I don’t believe there is a single thing, professionally, personally, or spiritually we wouldn’t encourage one another to do if we believed the other was called to it, because we’re way past trust. We know each other.

We send one another the kind of one-off messages that make us ask, “how’d she know I needed that?” regularly. She is my person. She is family to all the people I love, and hers are mine. We are connected.

Conversely, we call each other as we’re pulling out of the driveway,

“wanna come along?”

“Need anything from grocery?”

“We need coffee, right?”

We Raise Armies.

The moment either of us has a need, we raise armies. We show up. We cry but laugh so much harder. I don’t believe there is anything she might need that I wouldn’t offer, give, or secure. She’s my person.

God shows us powerfully between us because the timing is always precise. ALWAYS on time.

Us Got People.

I am reminding you Bestie, I got your back. Once again, not that you need reminding, my people are your people, including the other Ride-or-Die God gave me as my Gayle.

man s hand in shallow focus and grayscale photography
Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

Give me my list. Point me at it, and warn the opposition, whatever or whomever it might be, not who we are, but Whom we serve. #WeDemGirls. We pray, but we will fight, if necessary. We serve The One Who Never Loses, and we’re coming for you.


Finally, please whisper to yourself my life verse from the Gangster gospel…

“You can do all things through Christ except COME. FOR. MINE.”

So what about the Catholic and the Baptist walking into an Episcopal Church? We do. Every Sunday. Side by side.

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