Thursday Confessional

I am inspired by my friend Carrie Kuba to take a public, weekly look at myself. This has not been a great week.

1. I’m not feeling 100%. Fighting to keep pace this week instead of respecting the clear message my soul was sending devolved into malaise and pettiness. It was not a good look.

2. I was convicted in several ways and pledge to slow down and shut up, sooner, rather than later.

3. Petty bitchiness is never cute.

4. If I showed my ass to you this week, I’m circling back to make amends. Hold me to it.

5. My Beloved knows me so much better than I give him credit for. He is my OG, ride-or-die MVP. Always and forever.

Live your purpose, but never at the expense of Grace.

Ase and Amen.

2 Replies to “Thursday Confessional”

  1. Chelle, thank you for being vulnerable. It helps me know I’m not alone in my weakness and pettiness. “Live your purpose, but never at the expense of Grace” speaks volumes to me.


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