Thursday Confessional: I Can be a Curmudgeon

1. I have an inclination towards curmudgeony.

2. If I trust what I read, my high capacity for being cranky results from my highly empathetic nature.

3. The theory suggests that empathy makes me prone to overstimulation, and I often need to withdraw.

4. As I am not a hermit, that’s not always practical.

5. Just because you are inclined to be a curmudgeon doesn’t grant you permission to be awful.

6. This morning (insert almost any daily commute), someone irritated the crap out of me, e.g., we’re in the quiet car, shut up, please, must you bang your bag against my leg, repeatedly?, why, sir, are you leaning on/over me, etc.

7. Tantrum? Elevate my own BP? Nope.

8. Noise-cancelling headphones and hip-hop Gospel music for the win.

9. Read #5 again; repeat as necessary.

10. Prayer, pre-dawn workouts, and sunrise-chasing walks with your dog are prescriptions for joy.

11. (Bonus) When life eFs up your plans, yell “Plot Twist” and keep it moving.

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