Thursday Confessional-Victories are Never Small

I overcame a boatload of introversion today, traveled uptown and lunched with an online friend IRL. God preceded us, and I hung out with an old(feeling) friend I’d just never met. See you again soon, Gail ❤️ 

We Black Girls? We Rock! Photo by Bestbe Models on

I’ve been overdue for some rest and self-care. It starts now. I’m off the work grid until Tuesday. (I’ll still be chief shenanigator around here, tho).

I’m going to start being a little more brave a little more routinely. What’s the worst that could happen?

Looks like I’m starting my Patheos column after all. All I needed was a little dose of brave.

Y’all KNOW how I love a fountain pen. Photo by on

I struggled to decide whether to travel dressed to be a force for reckoning, or to be comfortable. I’m erring on the side of “you prolly don’t want to try me, satan.” Thanks to all my friends for weighing in.

I have been engaged in a daily gratitude practice. Each day, I write 3 things that have brought me joy. It changes your perspective. I cannot recommend it enough.

One of my favorite old hymns is “Yield Not to Temptation.” I just realized that the message of the song is that no victory is ever small.

Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin
Each victory will help you or some others to win..

Horatio Palmer, 1868

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