Thursday Confessional-Exhale

My Daddy, God rest his soul, would say, “If the Lord lets me live,” My Beloved and I will celebrate 26 years of matrimony next week. Exhale. That’s a big deal.

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I’m headed to see Mama’nem. It’s been too long since I held my Mommy in my arms. Exhale. This joy should be savored.

I attended a memorial service last weekend for a man I’d never met. He was known to me only by the words spoken at his service, and by the remarkable women with whom he made a life and a family, who is a colleague and friend. Life is precious and short. Exhale all the stuff that doesn’t matter and won’t last, and choose joy.

I’ve undertaken a daily gratitude practice. Each day I stop to write down 3 things for which I am grateful. I mentioned it to a friend. She talked about how wholly transformative it is. She’s right. Exhale all that weighs you down, and give thanks.

Facebook’s memory feature reminded me of this…

What a difference 12 months makes…a year ago today, I was in an unsustainable employment relationship with a boss who seemed NOT to have my best interests at heart. 

when you’re playin’ hymns before an afternoon meeting, tryna assure you got a full dose of Jesus….

I remember being there, and just one year later, here I am. Life is filled with more joy and less animus. I can exhale.

I read this quote, and more than anything, it made me think of Game of Thrones, whose series finale was Sunday last.

The most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her because she carries her own.

RH Sin

Woosah. My confession this Thursday? I’m good.

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