Thursday Confessional-Praise Will Confuse the Enemy

The last 24 hours? They have tried my Peace. They tried.

Preserving and protecting one’s peace is a choice. Beware of the Peace Snatchers.


Here’s what the enemy needs to remember about me…I fight dirty when it comes to my Peace. I bite, kick, and throw rocks and punches. Try me.

Be grateful for every gift in every moment, and be joyful in your expression thereof.

Make every effort to practice compassion and empathy.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who mourn.

This news cycle is part Nina Simone, part Amy Winehouse lyric.

This relentless fear of aging is some Western bullsh~t. Women in traditional cultures come into their wisdom with age. It is believed that during your childbearing years, you are more prone to madness. Aging makes you sane. I’m with that.

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Tamela Mann sang this in my ear this morning; didn’t even know how much I’d need it,

“even though I’m not worth it Lord, I’ll do anything for You.”

Praise will confuse the enemy. Trust me.

Please — love on, be present with, and pray for each other mightily. Say and do the things. We waste so much time not saying that we care, that we are afraid, that we need help.

Life is short. Never waste an opportunity. Remember, all this sh~t ends.

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