Thursday Confessional–Lamentations

Every morning, without fail, I rise, grab my phone, and read from the Bible.

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Why? In acknowledging my tech and social media addictions, ( I’m being honest, how about you?)

I seek God before shenanigans; I have all day for those.

Having endured many seasons of storm and want, isolation, desolation, and heartbreak in the wilderness, I’m trying something different.

I’ve been reading the Old Testament book of Lamentations. It’s hard work.

If you’re looking for encouragement, it ain’t here.

Lamentations is a break-up anthem, and you’re the one suffering.

Oddly enough, the experience has been good for me. I find myself more focused on joy and being fully present, because one thing is certain, bad sh~t lurks around every corner. Praise is necessary.

It was a spontaneous decision,

“Live in the present, tomorrow is never promised.”

and I didn’t share my intention with anyone. It has, however, resonated. I guess we’re all going through.

Bonus reminder? We need one another.

What counterintuitive practices do you undertake?

What are you learning lately?

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