Tuesday’s Wisdom

Yesterday on Facebook, I drew my line in the sand. It was a long time coming, and I’m not sorry.

Taps the mic, “is this thing on?”

PSA: I am a grown woman of African descent, born and raised in America. As a direct result of our current national leadership, and the freedom it grants y’all to wiggle out of your masks and hoods, I’ve decided to join you, by speaking my own truth.

We do not have to agree. However, I heretofore rebuke your racist, sexist, hateful, anti-LGBTQA+, anti-immigrant, anti-Gospel bullsh~t, no matter how much “holy” you profess. You lie and blaspheme with every xenophobic trope. If that’s your God, I want no part of it.
Unfollow me, before I get around to blocking you. And don’t you dare @ me.

It was a sacred moment, and I barely cussed.

It’s a new day, and to honor it, I’m sharing something I found, that I hope you’ll try.

You are the star of your own life. Live it now. Stop waiting for whatever you think you need. What if you miss your moment? Breathe. That is your source abundant. The Spirit of God inhabits every moment of your life. Embrace it.

Go forth, and climb your mountains.

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