Thursday Confessional

Not Perfect,  but Oh So Good Edition.

  • I have entered a new season. I do not know all I will encounter here,  but I do well know the me walking into it, boldly.
  • Hella faithful,  hella Black.
  • I am an inherited pearls-wearing, locs-tossing, liberation-theology professing, African Queen. Mama & Daddy said so.
  • I am beloved by a God in whose image I am made, Imago Dei, and by My Beloved.
  • Our lessons await our readiness,  to wit…a conversation from one year ago is sending me back to my laptop…
  • “I fought the wilderness for so long, thinking it was a place of exile and punishment. It might not be for everyone, but the wilderness has become my home. It is wild and beautiful, like me, and Father/Mother/God meets me there.”
  • #iamwriting stand by…
  • I am becoming. I am also beautiful,  in my liminal state,  as are you.
  • Snakes shed skins. Never be afraid to outgrow who you were.
  • The study of Lamentations confirmed for me that God already knows when you’re mad; there is room within faith for anger.
  • Even there,  there is joy.
Peace, even in the midst of storms.

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