Perspective-How do You See the World?

On the last day of 2019, I caramelized new potatoes, sautéed scallions and shrimp in garlic and olive oil, and wilted baby spinach leaves to make an omelet. I toasted two small slices of semolina, lavishly spread with with Irish butter. A splash of eggnog in my coffee, I sat down to eat.

2019’s final breaking of the fast was glorious, and I am full.

I was cleaning out my refrigerator, trying to get rid of all of “last year’s food” before midnight. All that was left of a steamer pot were two little potatoes and six shrimp. I scavenged the last two viable slices of bread from the loaf. One egg, a cast iron skillet, a large does of gratitude, and an infilling of the Holy Spirit. Voíla!

leftovers in a pot, waiting for an invitation to greatness.

It’s All about Perspective.

I looked at what I had on hand, and made of it something wonderful. That is a metaphor for living a life filled in gratitude.

Please Pay Attention.

Day by day, minute by mute, we choose our responses to what lies before us. Life sucks, and then it’s beautiful, and then it kicks your ass, and then you sucker-punch it. The sun goes down, and relentlessly rises again.

Nevertheless, we survive, mostly gracefully, because it is who we are.

This is a true story told two ways. The difference is perspective. As I consider Old Year’s Night before New Year’s Day, I am taking a precious gift with me, even as I offer it to you.

So Often, We Wait

To lose weight. To get a better job, or a promotion. A new house. A new relationship. For January 1st. A friend shared today that last night, a dear friend died. No New Year’s Eve. Not another day.

Recently, I actively chose between continuing to be miserable or stepping out in faith (REALLY) to seek something better. Someone asked me, and I’ve never been more grateful, for the question,

What Do You Want?

I am living in the same circumstances, but my perspective has changed. A sad collection of leftovers, or a healthy, elegant breakfast. The difference? I saw possibility, abundance, and adventure. I was filled with gratitude. All it took was creativity, and a cast iron skillet.

I know it’s 12/31.

Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday.

Happy Tuesday! Live your life, because you can. It may not be brilliant yet, but you have the power of possibility. Don’t wait to be brave, because you might miss your chance.

What Do You Want?

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