What’s In Your Hand?-Another Look at a Scavenger Omelet

This morning, after working out, I broke fast with another scavenger omelet. My Granny called it “S’GottaGo.” Fridays at her house, we cleaned out the ‘fridge, in preparation for grocery shopping and Sunday leftovers. I realized just now that there is a subtle connection to #sabbath practice…

I See What You Did There, God.

Anyway, sgottago meant cleaning and claiming whatever’s left in the fridge to make space. This morning that meant a scavenger omelet using some leftover restaurant hash browns, some half used scallions, and what was left to be grated from a parmesan rind. I paired it with half of a half of a sesame seed bagel from our Kwanzaa party, and a schmear of zaboca flesh (avocado) more brown than verdant.

Potato, scallion, and parmesan omelet,  courtesy of an overfull fridge and a grateful heart.

It was a Beautiful, Delicious Omelet,

…so much so, that the Princess (our eldest) pinched the second half. I remembered a sermon my Daddy preached entitled “What’s In Your Hand” referencing Exodus 4:2.

Moses knew he had no business speaking on behalf of God. Let’s be honest; he wasn’t wrong, and we’re all nodding our heads with him. Arguing with God about credibility and standing,

God asks,

Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”

Exodus 4:2 NIV

Moses was holding a stick.

However, when God Steps in, It’s Not the Stick.

Back to my scavenger omelet. My refrigerator is still full of last year’s leftovers, bless the Lord. I need to break fast, but I also need to make space, use what I have, and be grateful for my provision.

More than satisfying, breakfast was a faith lesson. It was also about communion, as it satisfied my hunger and that of the adorable interloper who nicked what I didn’t finish (I was done).

What Can We Learn?

Amen, and Gut Shabbos.

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