Life in the time of COVID-19

I’m pledging to make the best of the time I have during a pandemic, the prospect of being quarantined or told to shelter-in-place, and I’ve challenged myself to accomplish some things I can look back on with pride when this season comes to its end.

It is my prayer that those whom I love, and those whom they love with come through unscathed, healthy, and better, despite the circumstances.

I pray that I will have laughed more, loved and declared my love more, and documented the experience in ways I can share.

This morning, trolling through my digital memories, I came across this…




I am frequently scared, but my God never is. I AM SECURE in the knowledge that in an imperfect world, a Perfect God loves us and abides with us through all things, and for that, I am abundantly grateful. It is a lasting reminder that God is good.

We all have the right, and the capacity, to Love (God). We simply need to grant ourselves permission.

Old lesson, eternal perspective.

Tonight, because I can, I’m making community live on Facebook. So many of my friends have asked for the secret to my martini, tonight, at 6 pm Eastern, I’m giving it away.

Come and play?

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