My Divine Familiar

“When a seven-pound ball of fur affectionately known as San Fernando joined our family, I had no idea how he would change our lives. I could never have imagined that he would become my ongoing object lesson in Faith. He has taught me in numerous ways that God is everywhere, particularly in the deep brown eyes of a puppy way too big to be a lap dog but still and forever adorably my baby.  ”

Lessons Learned From My Downward Facing Dog (preface, original edition)

There are words, but tears and heartbreak prevent me from writing them.

He shepherded me out of a broken career and into the light of the writing-life I was born to live, so of course, many of my best stories were about him.

For nearly 11 years, he was companion, familiar, seer, and secret-keeper.

Even as it was time for him to depart, he checked on me, and nuzzled me to offer a proper goodbye.

The tear in my heart will heal, but the void will ever remain.

No, I am not okay, Yes, it will be better in time.

A dear friend told me, gently, that his ultimate act of love was to see me through the pandemic. He did his job well.

You will always have been the best boy.

Sleep well. Go find Granny and guard her until I meet you at the rainbow bridge,

Sir San Fernando Austin Trinidad Wilson,


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