It is Never Too Late…

…to take control of your life.

Having lost the last tangible barrier between myself and my mortality, I am reminded that

while I do not have control over the length of my days, I can choose to make the best of them.


Granny and Mom, now dancing amongst the ancestors, were my totems. Throughout my entire life, they modeled fierce bravery, independence, beauty, collaboration, passion, love as an active verb, and consistency.

I cannot fail to leave that legacy for those who come behind.

Beginning today, given all that may be lost to me, I’m taking things back.

I saw a recipe for cranberry orange pastries this morning. My version is baking in the oven.

Looks tasty, eh?


Because I collected recipes long ago forgotten. Never tried. Am no longer interested in tasting, or making.

I have monuments of detritus laying waste to my peace. If those ever were important, they are no longer relevant.

They gotta go.

From this day forward, I’m traveling light(er).

(I am a work in progress.)

From this day forward, I live like a Jedi…”do or do not, there is no try (and save for later).

I commit to aging well, learning continually, and making the most of every moment and opportunity.


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