My #Evolution is beginning to make sense

I attended a retreat this weekend. God prepared my heart in the weeks and days before, laying waste to my pride, casting out both my plans and my expectations, tilling the soil. I awoke that morning, expecting. These words bubbled up, remembered wisdom.

Have you ever heard the sun come out in the morning? Did you hear the moon come out last night? We have been taught that power is loud, forceful, aggressive, and somewhat intimidating. It is not. In silence, The Creator works.

Sunrise at Mesa Arch-Photo by Omer Salom on Unsplash

I could not have known how prophetic those words would be, or how they would shape what was to come. In silence, only a few hours later, I wrote this affirmation:


Dear Lord, 

I am yielded and still. Every time I subtract myself from the Divine Equation, I am permitted to witness You step in with authority, making, as wrote the prophet Isaiah, the crooked places straight, and the rough places plain.  

Grant me the discipline and the humility to yield. I know nothing. I am nothing. In that vacant space, I make room for You to do more, exceedingly, abundantly more. 

Lead me to inhabit blank spaces. Let me step back, that You might go boldly before me. I declare my trust in You.  I declare my dependence upon You, and with absolute authority assert that there is no thing under heaven or on earth unavailable to You if it be Your Will.

Having confessed that You Alone are God, move in my life. 

I am ready. 

lili-popper-29472-unsplashFirst came attestation. Then came sanctifying prayer. Finally, an anointing and a prophecy – although there are obstacles ahead, the words of Isaiah, again…you shall leap like a deer.


It is time. My #Evolution is beginning to make sense to me. I am on my way.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

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