This Battle is NOT Yours…

Am I crazy if I say I saw the evil pass into my life? I felt it, and I mentioned it to someone who was near me when it happened…and I showed her the gooseflesh that appeared on my arms.

I saw you come for me. Fight you? I will not. You see, having had an earlier scrimmage with the likes of you, I was well-schooled, and well-prepared, thank God, to say these words.

I will not fight you. I will not fight you, because the battle is not mine. The battle is the Lord’s.

Come for me? Try. You can if you want to, but I’m not here for you. You are NOT my job.

My job?

Praise. You see, praise confuses the enemy-and while I’m dazzling you with my joy, My Daddy’s coming for you.


He is not vanquished. And those whom He hides under the Shadow of His Wings shall be saved.


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