31 Days of Liminality

As we Are. As We Hope to Be

A lesson for us all.
“On Rosh Hashanah we stand completely naked before God, reviewing our life as it actually is, free from illusion and spin. Instead of polishing our image, we ruthlessly question our actions; instead of spending time focusing on how other people see us, we take a long, honest look at how we see ourselves.

This Rosh Hashanah, try taking a look at your past year, not as you wanted it to be, or presented it to the world, but as it truly was. Spend time examining something many of us don’t make nearly enough time for: Real life, the unedited version.”

How about that, for us all?

What could you do differently if you were fully accountable,  instead of defensive. Open to doing more,  rather than shutting down in the face of a challenge? What if the best days were just ahead of the most bracing you’ve lived through?

I’m committed to building on what could be ashes, trusting God to help me get it right.

What’s your best reset experience?

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