31 Days of Liminality

Falling Forward

Have you ever played small? Have you ever failed to move because you feared the risk?

Remember Rohr’s lesson on liminal space,

This is the sacred space where the old world is able to fall apart, and a bigger world is revealed. If we don’t encounter liminal space in our lives, we start idealizing normalcy. The threshold is God’s waiting room.

Fr. Richard Rohr

What do you have to lose? Maybe everything, but what if you don’t fail?

Some things only achieve their greatest design through crushing blows…

*The squeezing of grapes produces sweet wine.
*The pressing of olives extracts their delectable oil.
*Only when wheat is ground is it useful for making bread.
*The crushing of flower petals releases their oil for fragrance.
*Incense is useless – its purpose not fulfilled, its odors not set free – unless touched by fire.
*Only through great pressure, heat, and time does coal produce the gemstone of a diamond.

Just as all of nature suffers contrary conditions in order to be expanded, strengthened, or enhanced, so, too, do we. Crushing, squeezing, and suffering remove the unnecessary things in our lives, allowing the fragrance of holiness and sweet graces to be released.

Welcome to the New, Strong, Tougher, Fiercer Me

“But what if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?” Erin Hanson

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