31 Days of Liminality

Guided Drift. Mr. Roger’s Way

I grew up with Fred Rogers. I had no idea how profound his impact would be on my generation. Neither did I appreciate how his faith would lead him, and inspire millions.

Rogers coined the term “guided drift” in discerning a call on your life. While planning was important, “one needed to live a life that was open to change,” according to the Holy Spirit. 

I’d always been writing, but it was my own version of guided drift that led me to my life’s calling. I spent ten years trying to understand why my former career died, and what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life.

Scribo ergo sum.

I write, therefore, I am. Disciplined, for 10 years, it was my job to write. Because I needed something to do. So, I wrote. Daily. Sometimes badly, but consistently.

It then became my thing. It still is. I still work at it daily. Consistently. Sometimes badly, but diligently.

It is a gift.

Creativity is one of my three personal values. For me, it is a spiritual discipline and practice for which I am grateful. I sow into it daily, learning, trusting experimenting. Because I can. Because I must.

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