31 Days of Liminality

Continually Evolving

The last 3 years of my life have been transformative in exceptional ways. I made it clear that I will fight to the death to protect those I love, even from themselves.

Ask anyone who knows me.

I am Bat-sh~t and Dangerous when it Comes to Mine.

I also learned to be fiercely protective of my own health and wellness if I intend to be a worthy advocate for those I love.

My Super Heroine Cape is Tattered, but Mended.

I treat myself more gently now.

Beyond that, I am actively undertaking Gratitude as a practice, because, by Grace, God brought me through.

In the words of poet Sanne Burger…

I was born to get my hands dirty
To get sand in my mouth
Mud on my clothes
Thorns under my feet
I was born to jump into the abyss…

…I was born to learn how to handle change gracefully
I was born to know the truth
to learn how to fly”

I fought so hard to become this her. I love her,  we are strong and magnificent.

Our growth game is relentless.

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