31 Days of Liminality

War and Peace

For far too long, I’ve been consistently carrying more stress than is helpful/reasonable/sustainable. While my family and I were engaged in the battles for our lives, I didn’t much notice. I did what was necessary to keep things moving, but it took it’s toll. I was at all times, ready for warrior.

I am a Warrior.

When you have been in theatre too long, a battle fatigue sets in that can become dangerous. Now obsolete, battle fatigue refers to

an acute reaction to the stress of battle commonly involving fatigue, slowed reaction time, indecision, and other symptoms.

Battle Fatigue, from Wikipedia

Now that we are free from siege, I find myself less capable of managing stress effectively. In fact, I last week created anxiety for no good reason that had me imagine the very worst. I actually had to talk myself off a crazy ledge, as my imagination CLEARLY had gotten the best of me.

Sometimes You Just Need to Chill.

Let’s shift to Gratitude. Instead of imagining all that could go wrong, let’s celebrate all that is already good.

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