31 Days of Liminality

Which Do You Choose?

When I panic, I allow my imagination to get the best of me. I have no more control when I am afraid.

In Fact, I’m Just a Mess

I decided 32 days ago, to leap. It was ant act of faith. In making that commitment, I affirmed my desire to write daily. Without fail. And I did.

Nevertheless, I Persisted.

I published every day this month, without fail, diligently planning. Some weeks I mapped in advance. I always had the following day scheduled in advance.

Drum roll please,

I built a muscle. Now I’m flexing it. It’s time to start the next book. I’m going to establish a schedule,  and ask you to keep me accountable,  but I am committed.

Thank you, for 31 Days of Liminality. I pray you learned to look through the both/and lens at the world.

I jumped, praying that the ground would rise beneath me, or at least that mmt winds would erupt. Either way, I did not fall.

That’s Faith.

And instead of letting my imagination run unchecked, I am believing God.

So now, together, let’s jump again.

What mountain are you about to scale?

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