Thursday Confessional

I Almost Forgot it was Thursday

1. Hooray for me. I did 31 Days. It wasn’t the grind it was last time because Discipline.

2. I gave myself a week off. Now it’s book proposal writing time.

3. I’m in a transitional season, and no, this isn’t my idea of fun.


4. Imposter Syndrome is a bully and a bitch. Since age won’t fight fair, neither will I.

5. God and I had a long talk about this transitional season. That’s such a lie. I raged and complained to….silence. Time for me to sit down, shut up, and get out of the Divine’s Way. You’d think I’d have learned by now.

6. There is a point when being victimized gets tired. I’m snatching my power back, taking control and no prisoners. I’m bloodying all the noses; and mine don’t bleed.

You’ve been warned.

#WeDemGirls #welcomebackG #SpiritualGangster

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