Slowing down, Showing Gratitude for Rest

Today, on the first day of Hannukah, the last Sunday of Advent, we had homemade latkes for breakfast.

Hand shredded, homemade latkes, pan fried in canola oil.

As I prepare to undertake a more mindful, thoughtful approach to rest, I am doing things differently.

Inspiration Comes from…

television. Sipping coffee, considering how to break my morning fast after worship, CBS Sunday Morning inspired me to head for my kitchen. I grew up eating latkes, as did my husband, and we enjoy them. Watching the piece, I really wanted some.

After confirming a method (recipes are for sissies),

I reached for potatoes and scallions. Doing things from scratch, making things homemade, are ways for me to slow down and honor a variety of traditions. I serve people I love by giving the best of my efforts. I rise to challenges because I enjoy them, because I am competitive and love to succeed. I was also hungry and easily bored with most of the standard offerings.

I said to my husband, I want latkes for breakfast.

He asked me, “where are you going to get those?

I replied, from my kitchen.

They were lovely.

I grated potatoes into water, to avoid oxidation. I drained them and wrung them dry. I added minced scallions, an egg, just a bit of salt and pepper and some flour, and then heated oil in a cast-iron skilled.

I love to cook.

I love being able to create what I desire. More than satisfaction, making homemade requires presence. I cannot be distracted. I have to be in the kitchen, paying attention.

This morning’s answer to the question, “what do you want?”

was latkes from my kitchen. This morning’s answer was the satisfaction of knowing that my blessings include a sufficiently well-stocked pantry to have all I needed to accomplish my desire. I wanted to start and finish something that would be appreciated, that would satisfy.

I am Preparing to Do Things Differently

Having not taken the best care of myself body and soul, I have been granted to opportunity to do better. Appreciating the sacred gifts which have been bestowed upon me, I want to celebrate them. I want to live a life that declares “thank you” in large, small, and consistent ways each day.

What do You Want?

How about a regular demonstration of gratitude, so that I am sure, so that it is clear, so that I am reminded.

Hot, crisp, homemade potato latke with sour cream


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