Thursday Confessional

It’s Time for the First Thursday Confessional of 2020

This is the last day I’ll ever be 55. I’m leaving the speed limit behind. As the song says, it’s time to “Take the Limits Off.”

  • Yesterday, I treated myself to a pedicure. Today, I had a manicure. Tomorrow morning, a deep tissue massage. Self-care is a mandate I am now taking seriously.
  • Our children are learning to adult. I’ll be teaching each of them to file their taxes. We’re all entering a new season.
  • I will never tell you a story about everything going according to plan. Those aren’t my stories. Mine are the stories where God shows up to defy our expectations. CONSISTENTLY.
  • The next time I am certain about something, I’m going to make it known. It’s called acting in faith. Last night I believed, but I did not trust. I will do better.
  • Last night a friend from my digital universe reached out to check on me, given all that is currently happening in the world. It’s a heavy time. Grateful, I explained that despite evidence to the contrary, my world is actually not as heavy as one might think. While the impeachment of the US President looms, while white supremacy thrives, while living while Black in America is still a suicide mission, while I could lament, instead, I choose joy.

What’s making magic in your world today? For what are you grateful?

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