Thursday Confessional

We’re All Faking It Edition

  • Impostor Syndrome is like fear. That doesn’t mean it’s not real. It’s a distraction. Breathe, move past it, and use your gifts. God endowed you with seeds to plant. Do not disdain the Master Gardener by wasting that which you have been given. “as N.T. Wright puts it, God “doesn’t send in the tanks. God sends in the meek, the broken, the justice-hungry, the peacemakers, and the pure-hearted.”
  • Other people will see things in you that you do not see yourself. Believe them. Rise to the occasion that is your life.
  • When people ask you to pray for them, they have made themselves vulnerable before you. Do not disdain that. Intercede on their behalf, immediately.
  • Thank you God, for filling my despairing heart with the fullness of joy. No matter what I think is going on.

We’re All Going to be Fine. We’ve Already Survived 100% of the Things that Threatened to Do Us In.

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