Needing to Learn Patience and Trust

I have been tested. I have held the hands of people close to me as they have battled some of the most brutal and trying health scares.

Not Once, Not Ever…

did I think God would call them home. That does not mean that I was settled and at peace. There have, in every case, been thousands of details.

I have ignored my self-care and my health in order to battle on behalf of my loved ones. My track record is evidence of God and Grace. When I yield, when I place myself in the center of God’s Will,


This morning, I read something that changed the game for me. REALLY.

For Years…

I told everyone I loved that “an empty pitcher cannot pour.” I never listened, by the way. But this morning, these words changed everything.


Just in Case…

…a single message wasn’t enough, I stumbled upon this article.

Everyone you spend time with or allow in your inner circle is someone you’re giving energy to. The more you give these people the energy that you have to offer, the more they will either build you up or break you down. 

If you truly want to be happy, you really need to stop giving energy to people who are either overly toxic or just assholes in general. We should as energetic beings on this planet need to stop feeding into people who refuse to feed into us. If they’re not helping us grow, they’re holding us back, period. 

If You Want to be Truly Happy…

What Do You Want?

This morning, I read a Chinese proverb that reminded me that

“one joy scatters a hundred griefs.” 

Chinese Proverb

My next thought was, “what can I do today to bring joy?

I ask that question every morning. I will ask it upon rising in gratitude for the balance of my days. I suggest you do the same.

I am ready for my next chapter. I call it #lionessrising.

Stay tuned.

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