I’m Over My Stubborn Faith-A Lenten Devotional

Lord, I’d prefer not to have stubborn faith. Stubborn faith means I have to wait until there’s nothing left but to trust You.

It’s a Relationship Driven by Desperation and I Don’t Think it’s Healthy.

Let me tell you about my faith. It’s pretty pathetic. Those who know me well know that as a daughter of The Most High I am petulant, impatient, and usually mad at God.

They Also Know, that I Can’t Walk Away. And that I Always Mean to do Better.

Those who know me reasonably well only see my stubbornness; refusing to give up on God. The honest truth is that I’d quit God if I knew how. The honest truth is that God knows that. I am grateful that God’s patience outlasts all of my tantrums.

I’m Asking You, Lord, Teach me, But Gently Please.

Trust me, I know the old hymn,

Oh for faith to trust you more…

from the hymn, Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

I truly wish that I was a more trusting child. Sadly, I am not. I’m going to require a little extra work, but I know You. I fully understand that I am just a moment in Your Eternity, and that You can be patient with me.

Thank You for Rewarding Grace Served Daily in Small Ways as I Learn to Lean and Depend upon You.

I’m trying to be a better child.

I come before you now,

thanking you for what is,

thanking you for what is to come.

I testify to every blessing shown in the best and the worst times, believing that all shall be well.

I am nothing without God. And at the end of it, we both know that.

And for that Blessed Assurance, no matter how ugly, or how messy life gets, I am profoundly grateful.

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