My Baby Has Reached Double-Digits (How a Puppy Changed my Life)

Guess who turns 10 today? As I wrote so many years ago,

When a seven-pound ball of fur affectionately known as San Fernando joined our family…I had no idea how he would change our lives. I could never have imagined that he would become my on-going object lesson in Faith. He has taught me in numerous ways that God is everywhere, particularly in the deep brown eyes of a puppy way too big to be a lap dog but still and forever adorably my baby.   

Lessons Learned from my Downward Facing Dog-Sermons Preached by Sando

A Puppy Changed my Life

God speaks to each of us in our native language. God often speaks to me through music, pop culture references, visual cues, and who knew, my dog. 10 years with Sando has been a long form lesson is faith and Grace.

If only I trusted God like he trusted me, life might be different.

Different Yes, but Not My Path

I wouldn’t want another way. It hasn’t been an easy life, but the lessons are uniquely mine. And Sando, I continue to be grateful for your example. I love the way you love me. I love the way you insist upon being acknowledged. I love the way you sing for your supper, and let me know, LOUDLY, when you’d care for a bowl of water on the rocks.

Of all the puppies in that litter, you were ours. You snore like we do. You have allergies like ours. You are obstinate as hell (family trait). You are unwaveringly loyal, and you protect that which you love. Yeah, you’re all Wilson, man.

My Dog is So Awesome I Wrote a Book About Him

It started out as a dare, but I took it. Since 2014 when I finally published the book, I’ve continued to appreciate that God sent you into our lives, furry little angel. In loving you, I am reminded of God’s Grace. Every interaction is motivated by a deep and abiding love.

Moreover, no matter how tired, reluctant and disinterested I may be in you, when you have needs, I meet them. I am never not there for you.


You don’t have to buy my book, but it would be cool if you did. However, I’m happy to share one of my favorite chapters for free. Opt-in here (I promise NOT to make a habit of bothering you. I’m just glad you’re here.)

Happy Birthday, fur baby. Everybody knows you’re my favorite child. Especially the 2-pawed ones.

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