Day 4 of 31 Days of Watching God Move

“The obstacles of our faith are of our own making.”

Two weeks ago I accepted an invitation to contribute to an anthology which will publish around Christmas. I wrote a draft, certain of what I intended to convey. Then (as usual) God said…

“Hold My Beer.” (figuratively. RELAX)

I had another lesson to learn. I just hit send of my submission, and I am again amazed at the way God leads me gently, or not so, from what I once understood to a new, empty place with space for me to learn and grow again.

Today I wrote about yellow lanyards, normalizing caution, and volunteering my pronouns as a way of saying “thank you” for the patience shown to me as I learn.

The biggest, best thing you can be is wrong, humble, and open to learning.

Do Better

From this morning’s devotion,

Morning devotional prayer
“Help me to sweep my side of the street, to work on changing the one person I am responsible for.


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