#31DaysofWatchingGodMove-It Ain’t Over

Encores. You know, when the show is over, but you’re just not ready to leave.

This 31 days wasn’t even my idea, God. This was all You. Now that I’m here, watching and waiting…yielded and still.

See What I Did There?

I ain’t leaving. Remember when Peter, James, and John saw Moses & Elijah with Jesus on the mountain top? They were ready to put up shelters and post up.

Yeah, That.

When I began this act of obedience, I was clear.

I Didn’t Decide, God. I Agreed.

I even explained my position.

  1. Those who know me know that I don’t make commitments lightly.
  2. Those who know me well know that I finish the things I start.
  3. I rarely do #31Days unless I have no choice.

I had NO choice. Resistance would’ve been futile.

Now that I’m here… I’m posting up.

Lord, I’ll Be Around.

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