#31DaysofWatchingGodMove-Everyday I’m Hustling (warning-language)

I wake up every morning feeling fragile. I do not obsess over my mortality; rather, I am grateful to a larger extent each day the gift that my life, health, and strength are.

I Do Not Take Life For Granted.

Still, I stride boldly into each day, chin out. It’s a farce, but it works. Each day, I’ve greeted the world gently, shields down. I meant no resistance. Maybe there was never a fight?

Dear God, Find Me Truly Grateful

Might the lesson be that I needn’t have tried so hard? Been so tough? That I should always have been soft?

But That is Not The Warrior’s Way

….ah. That’s what You wanted me to see.

The message that follows is not for everyone. It was always for me.

That’s How a Warrior Rolls.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

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