Mostly Peaceful Warrior #GentlyAngry

Facebook has this remarkable feature, “On This Day.” I appreciate it because it is my rear view mirror. It reminds me of my mindset looking back, 365 days at a time. This bit of wisdom I spoke over myself 6 years ago…

“I am coming to the realization…slowly and with modest pride, that the peaceful warrior may be the REAL me. She whom I’ve always desired to be…”

I could NOT have seen the path God would lead me, often unwillingly down, six years earlier, and I didn’t get it quite right. I am not entirely peaceful. I am conflict-averse. However, I don’t back down, and I cannot unsee what I have seen. Like the old spiritual, I just can’t hold my peace, and I have embraced the holy fire I feel burning within me. He created me Imago Dei, so I must trust that He knows what He is doing through me. As I often say, “I will flip a table. I have a great role model.” I am growing, but like my beloved Granny, I was not on the Peacemaker line for long as they handed out spiritual gifts. I got impatient and left. A sistah had a lot to do.

Lately; I have been considering the awesome expanse of God…

He is intimately engaged in active worship with all 8 billion of us, now, simultaneously, and every moment as we evolve. Whether we acknowledge Him or not, each, in every phase of our individual liminal states. I envision a world where each of us embraces the Perfect, Precise image of God that we are naturally, at every given moment, even as each of us is in a continual state of becoming.

Asking y’all to continue praying for my growth. I love the Lord, but I am still (occasionally) hella petty. Imma pray for y’all, too.

#Sorrynotsorry #IaintJesus #EvolutionofaHolyBadAss


A little blessing to share before I go. I was invited to share at a location I could never have imagined…#ButGod. And, I’m joining a new crew. Stay tuned.

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