Tuesday’s Wisdom

Yesterday on Facebook, I drew my line in the sand. It was a long time coming, and I'm not sorry. Taps the mic, "is this thing on?" PSA: I am a grown woman of African descent, born and raised in America. As a direct result of our current national leadership, and the freedom it grants …

Thursday Confessional

Oooops... 1. So busy being about it and forgot to talk about it. 2. Had confirmation from a mentee that availability for Divine assignments is all that is required. 3. This is it. There is No dress rehearsal. 4. Be grateful.

I Do Church Differently Than My Ancestors Did

I don’t proselytize, I do not boldly declare, I just am. I live a life, wide open, fully committed to the Gospel as I understand it. It is natural. I am filled with a holy boldness, and a little bit dangerous, but only in the most beautiful and sacred way.

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